Time for time's purpose by Gauri das

In any transformational experience something gives, we are effected, we then reconcile and reassert ourself anew. We have moved on, hopefully a better person. If life happens for us rather than to us, every question, challenge or life crisis begs of us some level of transformation.

During such times we may be uprooted, fearful, vulnerable, undecided, emotional or distraught. The usual company and routine can be difficult because they insist that we expend energy just maintaining the same old facade. And it's the facade that needs work done to it. As long as it is sitting in the showroom the work is not going to happen. We need to conserve that same energy to work with time allowing time to do its work. The cosmic soup of the universe is stirred purposefully by the time element. In big business and corporations, crisis is the catalyst for cultural change and reinvigoration, so much so that they say: if you don't have a crisis create one. On the individual level, the impending and timely crisis though painful needs us to be open, it is our opportune moment. It is our time. 

In understanding time's purpose with us we need to let go, melt down for a bit, allow ourself to be undefined and unclear about things. Be somewhat comfortable in not knowing. Stop being all things for all people. Instability is now your reality as the earth's tectonic plates begin to move. The dependency needs of others, true or imagined, will have to wait. 

Self-empathy, patience, time alone, reading books or being with wise affectionate friends in new or memorable locations, will allow the alchemical process to dissolve the calcified ego. In time...and with time, time's purpose will appear just as new light heralds on the horizon. 

The crisis, no matter how hard to bear, will bear abundant fruit in time. Don't worry. 

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