Inhabit your own skin by Gauri das

The problem with renouncing the material world is that you have to repress a universe. When the exhilarating moments of relief and novelty that come with renunciation are over, that universe, now on the inside, ferments and leaks again into life. 

As the years pass the cracks begin to show and the good soul, the now religious soul, expends disproportionate energy managing the burgeoning impulses while maintaining the facade. And that's a lonely place to be. Heaven becomes something to achieve only with death, the ultimate escape from the empirical self rather than in the here and now. 

Spiritual life grows with honesty and self acceptance not shame and disassociation. Heaven begins with being comfortable in your own skin. Peculiar as it may sound, soul freedom is often a journey from embodiment to disembodiment, then to an authentic re-embodiment in the complete spiritualisation of life, here and now in what was before--a material world. 


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