The truth? The truth is you trade

Seated at a dinner event, a friend turned to me and said: 'There is no such thing as justice, you get the best you can negotiate'. It's a one liner that stuck with me and unstuck me. 
Whenever I'm in an immobile situation, it comes to mind. I remember that there is no way forward without trading horses. To avoid being stuck and indecisive we have to trade a little, and we are doing it all the time. In every relationship, amongst the family, amidst our communities, work initiatives, and even with our gurus--we trade. 
Can you imagine, we even trade with our gurus. Our gurus give us wisdom, we choose not to see their faults, they guide us, we give them service,even money and they tolerate our foolishness. The result, we focus on what's essential, integrate it with our lives, pass it on in meaningful ways and keep moving forward. Not to trade means to get hung up, stuck up and forward motion comes to a paralysing stand still. 
The simplest trading model with universal significance is in how to fix the price of a rickshaw. You simply half the quoted price, and then settle somewhere in the middle. If you're not local, you will be paying more, that's just how it is. Failing that you are walking to the bazaar or you will be one of those silly foreigners making a public demonstration arguing at the rickshaw stand. I think another name for them is fundamentalists, they get radical over rickshaws and more.
After losing one guru (ran off with the money), I wanted a true one, and that's something we can add some religious taboo to by calling it a sanskrit word like 'sat' I wanted a 'sat' guru. Anyway, I couldn't find one. Seven years past, I still couldn't find one. Was it me, was it Krishna, was it maya? I just couldn't find one. With every drop of humble sincerity I could muster up, I prayed, I went on pilgrimage, I enquired, I travelled, I surrendered, I went mad, and all to no avail-- apparently. 
One fine day I babbled out my dilemma to an elderly sadhu in Vrindavan, India. With a gracious demeanour he asked me one simple question: 'Do you know anyone who is more than you?'. With that my dilemma was over, I began my career as a trader. I now have many gurus, some more, some less, but for sure--all more than me. Ultimately such trading will lead to a land where the currency is pure love (rasa), where hearts trade selflessly and all for the pleasure of Love Himself--Sri Krishna. Srila Prabhupada said is was the ultimate purpose of ISKCON, to trade in love--'dadati pratigrhnati'. 
Happy trading.

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