Some One-liners by the Strategy Man

Just arrived back from Everest or was it the Sahara desert, Deri Llewelly-Davies, aka the Strategy Man, enthralled me with his rapid fire realisations on everything strategy. Is he the new Welsh Tony Robbins? 

Sitting quietly in his audience my brain was working hard between interruptions caused by the sound track running in my head: 'I wish I could be like David Watts, fa fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa!'. Yes, Deri looked like that kind of person who was born good at everything. He wore his mutton-chop sideburns with such confidence, who wouldn't have wanted a pair. 

Here's a few useful one-liners by Deri, very applicable to life in business, whether material or spiritual: 

Nail everything down: "If 'a' person is not responsible, no one is responsible."

Quoting someone else: "If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't teach them."

On the importance of being an exemplary leader: "Monkey see, monkey do...We can't do this unless we are the people that do it ourselves."

Getting the right talented people on your team: "Everyone must love what you do...they must believe in your purpose and values...I hire people because they share the same values." A bad recruit: "They cost you ten times their salary by under-performing." 

The modern world: "The world is changing so rapidly that the longterm is now a year, medium term a quarter and short-term one month. You have no idea what the world will be."

"Accounts should tell the story of your business...Accountants prepare your accounts for the government and that's why they don't help you. Make your accountant write in a language that you understand." 

Not so good when you have a mission to run: "Often we like our people more than our purpose."

Less of the hyperbole and what actually matters: "It's only working if the numbers say it's working." 
Company values: "In identifying your values consider that they are a sackable's a sackable offence to not live and breath the company values."

"Ask yourself the question, who have you fired and's often down to values and them not having the same."

Feeling despondent: "You are in the wrong business or surrounded by the wrong people."


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