'Embrace the Power of One'

Do you love reading books? Do you love being where great thoughts are expressed? Are you an avid notetaker?  Do you find learning is like drinking from a river of fresh and rejuvenating water? Beyond the exhilaration of those learning moments do you fare well when it comes to remembrance and application? I guess like me you often fall short of the mark. Most of us open to change and self development, don't meet our own aspirations because with all that we would hope to remember, we fail to remember much at all. 

In Morten T. Hansen's 'Ten Ways to Get People to Change' he lists as number one: embrace the power of one. And it is the one thing on his list, that I would say, can make all the difference. In essence his point is that we should focus on changing one behaviour at a time. He states that multitasking is something that research shows we are not good at, so best take onboard one thing at a time. So when reading take one memorable note among many and remember it. When planning a behavioural change, choose one quality you want to embrace and exemplify and be it. Or when leading your team focus on one new method, principle or change and implement it.  In all stick with it, whatever 'it' might be, until the desired change is tangible. 

Take sometime in your morning meditation to focus on the 'one thing' you want to remember or be for the day. See your self implementing that thing, see yourself as that person rich in the behaviour you want exemplify.  You may want to be calm or to act with respect and clarity. Perhaps you want to behave in a loving manner, whereby doing so you can't let situations bring out the opposite. See yourself challenged by the daily obstacles or speaking to your team. Imagine what you are saying, how you are reacting, in what way you are conveying your inspiration thought. Then take moments in the day to remind yourself. Plan three intervals of daily meditation: morning, midday and evening. And if you will, beseech the great power behind the universe to give you the strength to succeed. 

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