Sales or Service: this morning's lesson from BT

I dread contacting companies that provide us with all various needs from internet to television and so forth. Firstly you have to find your way through endless information on their website that offers help through homing in on your specific problem or issue which really says: 'we don't want you to call us'.

You can no longer find a phone number to call without surviving the obstacle course of diversions and leading questions.

When you find the phone number, that's if you already haven't given up, you then have to pass through the various options and choose the one related to your inquiry. Then comes the usual, 'we are very busy', 'we are experiencing a high volume of calls', and 'you are place in a queue'. If you have 15 to 30 minutes to hang on the line listening to the nauseating music and periodic command to visit their website, you might actually get to speak to an advisor.

At this point the advisor will take you through security and more importantly all the recent offers that you don't want.  This morning I called BT with a question about the internet and they began by pushing 'pay as you go' mobile sim cards for members of my family.

There is no trust left in any such service providers because they are in sales and not service. As such the quality of everyones lives is relatively deteriorated.  The real reason for being queued for so long waiting for assistance may be more that the assistant is not solving customers problems but busy ticking every box related to new product sales.

It is a well know fact that serving causes beyond one's immediate self creates lasting feelings of happiness and a culture of prosperity.  Greed, the emotion behind the sales drive compromising customer service, is no less than a gateway to unhappiness.

So thank you BT for reminding me of this important lesson in life, after all it is your stated mission:

'Our mission revolves around a total dedication to the quality of service and experience our customers receive from us' BT

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