Eclipse Meditation: Mystic love without blemish

As Rahu was set to devour the Sun and the world fell into doom and gloom; legions of kings, queens and royal dynasties left the kingdom of Dwarka to engage in auspicious acts at the tirtha of Kuruksetra. Amidst the ocean of Yadus, the thief of hearts rode proud on his magnificent chariot accompanied by his mighty brother and adored by his queens and fellow men. 
Those with hearts stolen in youth by that thief, those simple village damsels of Vraja also ran in hordes to the same Kuruksetra. With tumultuous excitement, anticipation and anguish they ran through forrest paths. Their love, their life, their world--Krishna, would be reunited with them again. With tears aflood and faces appearing like freshly blooming lotus flowers, they cried, they laughed and they were silenced by the deepest emotions. They were love lorn and beaten by separation.
They met him in that holy place and he bowed. He bowed on one knee petitioning of them forgiveness for having left them distraught. A self proclaimed criminal guilty of breaking pure hearts. She, leader of young women, she of unfathomable beauty, fine qualities and devotion stood before him and cried: 'it is I who deserve to be called a criminal for in your absence I sustained my life'.
And such is pure love, undiminished and without the slightest blemish of self interest. A nectarine disposition no matter the agony. It could be no more that youthful freedom of love embrace, that intimacy and unfettered union. As much as they pleaded his return home to Vrindavan, it was not to be. For he was now an emperor, he was betrothed to queens and a life of kingship.
So in your eclipse kirtan today as you hear the 'ching ching ching' of the hand cymbals you might remember the sound of the many ankle bells that adorned the lotus like feet of the gopis as they ran swiftly to loves true object, 'Vrindavan' Krishna.

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