Schools and the Hindu Mind Set

After a two hour sleep we were up early and off to a puja at the Greenwood Park Mandir, Durban. Standing before the temples many gods and goddesses my mind wondered to something I had just read. It was a speech Mandela heard as a student at the Methodist College--Healdtown. A visiting tribal poet spoke out against European imperialism with alarm: 'We cannot allow these foreigners who do not care for our culture to take over our nation...For too long we have succumbed to the false gods of the white man'.  
The Hindus also came in droves to South Africa, first as slaves, next as indentured workers and finally as 'free Indians'.  But yet seeing this and the many other temples with their multitudes of gods, it would appear that never a threat to indigenous cultures was experienced. If I'm not wrong that's been pretty much the case wherever Hindus have settled. And that obviously says a lot about the Hindu psyche. 
As for Gandhi, during his stay in SA he aroused opposition to discrimination and oppression. His experiences here rather caused him to introspected deeply about his own spirituality. 
So, in the UK when the headlines spew out that faith schools 'breed social and religious segregation' just who exactly who are they referring too, isn't it obvious. Perhaps Hindus schools are the solution that they can't see for the trees. 

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