Life, imprisonment and freedom

During my timeout I have read three books. All were unplanned being either gifted or purchased impulsively on the road. The first was 'The Life Examined' reading which I felt a greater understanding of human need, madness and humanity. The second 'Dragons and Butterflies' brought me into the life of Shani Krebs, who went from a troubled childhood to drug dealer to reconciling his life sentence in a Thailand prison as his 'karma' and opportunity for reform. Lastly and profoundly 'Nelson Mandela, long walk to Freedom' . The lessons learned in this story of persecution and triumph are gripping and stirring. 
It seems that each book dealt with imprisonment, freedom and humanity; a theme consistent with every life. Achieving the balance between the opposites of imprisonment and freedom, while attending to the needs of our own sanity and the necessity for above all--humanity, is the journey of life. It is not just the story of the people in these books, it is in essence life's story, or perhaps 'the examined life'.


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