Random acts of kindness

As we stood gazing at the information screen in Dubai Metro, seeing our confusion and elder man stopped. Well dressed with brief case and newspaper in hand, he asked how he could help. We wanted to get to Govindas restaurant and had no idea what direction to go in. He identified the station, gave me his pen to note it down and stood us in the right queue. He came back once more to check if we were ok.

When we found Govindas it was closed. It would not open until 7pm and that was too late for us. A gentleman opened the door and asked if we were ok. We explained a little about our journey and he said 'come in, we will arrange something for you'. Thus the restaurant opened just for us and he arranged Biryani prasad. We soon came to know this was Mahesh the owner. As we left he refused to let us pay and wished us well. Getting back on the metro several men kindly stood up to offer Madhavi and Hari their seats.

At Bhaktivedanta Manor the devotees have set as our highest priority value for 2015 - kindness. And so busy as I am the change must come. Taking inspiration from these little acts of Kindness, I must try to be more helpful, and a far kinder person.

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