My Heart Gazes at the Moon

My heart gazes at the full moon
No words, no expressions
It appears to give perceptive power to my senses,
that they may drink deep, 
senses normally dull to such charm now potentised? 
Bathing in moon beams, fickle and anxious...distraught
My heart gazes at the moon

I know you are my source
I know I am your part, distant part.
The elixir of your beauty descends
to earth in these moonbeams of charm
uniting hearts inseparable.
Evidence, what evidence, a bleeding heart in conversation with the moon
is that not enough...your heart is the key to truth, do not be fooled.
My heart gazes at the moon.

Self pity, what is self pity... an ailment of heart?
Where damning circumstance overwhelm?
Where confidence and competence implode?
Where hearts melt in desperation
and tears of absolute self empathy bath the soul?
What is my plight, the exemplar dwarf reaching for the moon.
What desperate hope indeed.
My heart gazes on and drinks deep.

As that full moon rises illuminating the night sky,
Love Himself, Kartika-candra calls all souls
Needy hearts allured by the sound of a mere flute,
allured to an endless dance of uncompromised unity
Prolonged absence, anguish in separation, now again one.
Is that not love--'uncompromised unity'

My heart gazes at the last full moon of Kartika
and prays to the divine feet of Sri Chaitanya,
Take me into your fold, I resign myself to your mercy.
May the rasa-laden moon of Kartika fulfil the vows and vratas
of the endless devotees who seek nothing but to serve.

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