Rants and Repressed Aggression

Ever been in that situation when another venerable devotee starts dumping all their criticisms and stuff on you? I used to have one senior who made such rants their daily routine when walking next to me in the morning chanting/japa. Don't you just feel awful, especially when it's a senior devotee. It's like being suffocated. You're left with a numbness and dirty feeling like a trash can has just been tipped over your shaved head. 
When the situation arises nowadays, and that's not so often because somehow such persons seem to spare me, I have been thinking of it as symptomatic of some greator personal disfunction; something festering  inside to the point of becoming offensive. 
Sometimes there might even be a validity in what the devotee is saying, but it is just the tone, mode  and language of it that is so distasteful and more than anything--intolerably inefficacious. The dysfunction is some cases may well be a rant arising from repression. Where the aggression arisen from tangible concern, good or bad, has no channel or higher ethical interpretation to reconcile it. Thus it manifests in behind the scenes complaining, politics, bad mouthing, and slanderous gossip. This overt aggression consequence of its repression finds its inevitable expression in apathetic dumping on vulnerable others. 
So what to do, especially as a junior? Well perhaps we can think that the person is not all that bad but rather unhappy with an internal conflict for which they have no channel. Suggestions of such channels may be more useful that just hearing them out. Humble responses that turn the conversations to higher values such as seeing Krishna in everyone, retaining a benevolent bearing or prioritising forgives, may provoke some  beginning to reconciliation. At least such responses will make it known to the tousled devotee that you are not the place for an indolent dump. 
Of course a further strategy which a friend pointed out to me in the car yesterday is to just politely say: 'sorry I don't like to hear such things. They are not helpful to me. Please take them elsewhere'. 
It's all coming from somewhere, the outbursts and bad mouthing. And until something addresses or channels that repressed aggression, be careful of who you are meeting while walking in the corridors of any church, mosque or temple. 

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