Be among those who want to move forward

The ancient principle of keeping holy association (sadhu sanga) is about being with those who want to excel, who want to go forward; as individuals and as part of the group. 
The principle of avoiding certain company (asat-sanga- tyaga) is not only directed to those with no interest to excel but who often harbour a necessity to hold us back.  In bhakti it is preferable to practice in  the company of those resolute on moving forward on all fronts. That doesn't mean we sustain some attitude toward the not so enthused. It is rather that we just busy ourselves in keeping among the inspired. Here's a nice little Bengali verse I learned yesterday. It says it all in two poetic lines. It's by Jagadanananda Pandit, a favourite of many. perhaps you might also learn it: 

yadi karibe krsna-nama sadhu-sanga kara 
bhukti-mukti-siddhi-vancha dure parihara

"If you are going to chant the holy name, keep the association of the pure devotee and totally abandon all your desires for enjoyment, liberation, yogic perfections or miracles.

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