'What goes around comes back around, hey my baby...' Beyonce

Buying a car? One of your most important question is: 'Has this car been in an accident, has it ever had an insurance claim on it?' If you do not ask this question the seller is under no obligation to tell you that the car has been in an accident or has been a total insurance right off--as just happened to me.
After purchasing a car for what appeared to be a reputable dealer, bit by bit I noticed little things not quite right with it. Each time I called the dealer he offered perfect replies to my upsets which unfortunately left me with no solutions. I then decided to do an IP check online. Bam! There it was written in red 'Warning: Insurance category C right-off'. I had been had. This car had been in such a serious accident that fixing it would have cost the insurance company more than the car's value. Patched up and put back in the system, my little car look great but under the cosmetic paint job there was a tone of filler.
Two months later and with the help of an engineer's evaluation and lawyer friends the dealer caved in and took the car back at a minor loss for me. However, two months of unnecessary stress was not welcomed and thank Krishna my friends helped out. How many just have to live with what they were sold? The sting of being taken advantage of when you have trusted is possibly the greatest disappointment.
Many moons ago when our temple was in a desperate struggle for funds we turned to selling paintings. Door to door we would tell people that the paintings were done by a group of artists knowing full well they had just come off a conveyor belt in China. We rationalised misleading people in that they would untimely be benefitted by their act of service to the temple (even though unknown to them). A logic undermined when the mislead person then hates you for it. Throughout the two months of my ordeal with the car I was haunted by memories of my salesman days. And with that I could only conclude: 'what goes around comes back around, hey my baby'.
Be always honest. Better no profit now than a big pay back in the future.

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