That is maya....

School run, daily, as per usual... hop in the car....'Hari I'm waiting'...'coming dad' I hear a distant and unconvincing response. Before her bum is in the seat, she's got the music on and the volume is up. Perhaps it's an injection of experience, release, inspiration and enjoyment before school role-call and it's over. Gosh, how music saved me from the rigmarole as a youth. A space outside and inside, where I dissolved, experienced and recreated myself endlessly.

'Some people might say my life is in a rut', Weller sings with such tones of anger, plea and opposition. The car is an insulated theatre of uncompromised noise by now, and my teenage mate (daughter) sits back in her seat imploding into her internal processors working through it all.

"The public gets what the public wants'....the song takes over until I turn to Hari and say 'where the heck are we going', having realised I am driving in the opposite direction from the school....and that's Maya. Being so absorbed in worldly moments that we loose track of time and life's greater journey. Turning round at the next roundabout I get back on track.

Kandu was a holy man of ancient times. He fell head over heals for a heavenly nymph named Premlocha. Abandoning everything he shacked up with her and the years went by in enjoyment...thousands of them. One fine day he headed for the river bank. Seeing him off in a hurry, Premlocha called 'where are you going in such a panic' to which he replied 'I almost forgot to perform my midday ablutions'. In sheer surprise she challenged him 'it has been thousands of years now Kandu ji, why today?'. Having lost all track of time with extremity, Kandu turned his car round.

Getting my wee lassie to school is all important. Her journey is in different place from mine right now, through places that I frequented myself. As an observer I look on with appreciation and awe. Having said that, it is important that I remain aware of the road, the greater road ahead

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