No road is long

A friend's young daughter got her driving licence. She took to the roads, so much lay ahead. Someone called her, she picked up her mobile phone. It was over in seconds. A tree took the impact. She left both vehicles, her car and her earthly body. And that is life, the truth not only 'stranger than fiction' but often more harrowing. 
When I think of the mother, my friend, my heart bleeds. And that is life. Behind the smiles and pleasantries, many, perhaps the majority of us have a story with chapters that make for bleeding hearts. We are fragile and vulnerable. We are subject to endless woes and ultimate termination by natural or unnatural causes.
Company is everything. In good company, survival is possible. Help arrives, hearts are comforted. The discomfort of the long and challenging journey is overcome in good company.
Good company that partake in the greater journey of life, the journey that attends to our eternal self, a self that traverses through many vehicles, should be sought after. For it is truths that exists beyond life that can only help us make sense of the 'strangeness' of life. Such partaking is not a crutch, it is a passage--a passage to ourselves beyond temporality.
Remain in body consciousness, a temporal landscape perpetuated by that identification, and you will need a crutch, many such crutches. They will be broken and so will you. That's the math.
'Sadhu' means profound company. Company beyond material preoccupation, whose journey is not a crutch. 'Sadhu sanga' means keeping such company. By it reconciliation, joy and sustained optimism become plausible.
My friend is not of our tradition but they are often around the temple. Sometimes sitting anonymous at a sermon or just enjoying the peace and company. What such a mother feels I cannot begin to fathom. But what I do know is that the answer to the 'why' question is most potentially found in the company and places she now frequents.

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