Better an intelligent enemy.....

Over many years I have run campaigns which have involved both private and public engagement. From that experience I have come to conclude: in many cases there is nothing so ineffective as a public attack on a body or person you feel has got it wrong. Focusing on the desired outcome or redress and working personally, then through a network of influence if required, affords the persons all opportunity to make amends, to correct themselves. If that fails then obviously you have no further option.
Of course silence is always there, something Martin Luther considered to be no less than death. In a full public attack everyone digs in, especially those in power. It's perhaps not the best place to start. Having said that there is always exceptions, I know.
I write this because nowadays issues of any shape and size, regardless of what may be the facts or desired outcomes, are taken into the public domain with their immediate posting on internet. Within moments its out there, damage is done and it is impossible to retract. In response, the issue is not only supported by concerned parities but also exploited or even hijacked by a host of personal interests and anterior motives.
Alternatively, desired outcomes are better achieved without unnecessary damage, a damage that naturally sets back all those affected.  
Therefore the ancient niti-sastra posits 'better an intelligent enemy that a fool for a friend'. As such an enemy is interested in acceptance, justice and change, even correction or the correct balance of power. For sure all of that and more, but all without undue harm or slander.

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