A Prayer to Gopal, son of Advaita

As the Lord and Advaita danced,
with arms outstretched,
Tremors of ecstasy arose,
in tears they both drenched.

Loud cries of faltered voices,
their song devastated every heart
Symptoms of love profound,
the beloved far apart.

A little boy gazed on,
excited by the dance.
Advaita's darling child,
fell into rapture's trance.

From joy to separation
He stumbled, falling to the floor
His tender heart, could not contain
his breath was felt no more.

'GOPAL my child!',
Advaita called his name in vain.
His sadness overwhelming,
his heart contorting, deep in pain.

The Lord of dance approached,
each step exuding power.
Divine form, graceful gait,
Beauty, of lotus flower.

The child lay dead still,
the Lord reached his heart to touch.
Calling 'Gopal arise, Gopal sing Krishna's names',
Loves trance became too much.

Eyes opening to the sky,
and smile shinning like the sun.
Gopal returned from his departure,
to the joy of everyone.

Who was this child, from where he came,
What fortune was his own?
For his attainment was unmatched,
prema, with blossoms fully blown.

Praying with sincere heart,
to the feet of that sweet child.
That one fine day amidst the kirtan,
my soul may be recovered from the wild.

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