'traduttore tradittore' and Radha Krishna devotion

At a certain point interpretation betrays the subject. Therefore the saying: 'traduttore tradittore', translator-traitor. Language is not transparent, try telling a Hindi joke in English or even just Scots humour; so much is lost. 

Language is no less than the software of historic cultures containing their values and world views. For example no matter how many times I say or hear the word 'God', it is expressive of the Judeo-christian concept of God. It just doesn't work forKrishna, son of Yasoda (aka the butter thief). What does it convey of 'madhurya' or the beauty, sweetness and charm of a divinity that actually concludes in two: Radha-Krishna.

The culture and tradition of devotion to Radha Krishna require that one enters into their matrix. Arousing the heart with various humours, dispositions and an appropriate identity requires stepping into that landscape, the landscape of Vrindavan. Moving towards Vrindavan, physically, cognitively and ultimately emotionally is the way, truth and the light for Radha Krishna devotees. Just as a word depends not only on a sentence but rather the entire structure and history of a language, elements of the Radha Krishna matrix interpreted into world languages and alien cultures may be appreciable at some level, but the journey has to be toward Vrindavan.

In Vrindavan they have their own language, dress, poetry, values, occupations,
humour and amour. Their own frame works of thinking, appreciating, contemplating and feeling. Everything has a way and nature of relating. No part means anything of the same in isolation, and every part, and every aggregate of parts is loaded with the aesthetics of love, as is pleasing to Radha Krishna. Herein, in this Vrindavan, aspirant devotees attain the love they aspire for--no where else.

If interpretation serves a purpose, it brings some glimmers of another realm another matrix beyond the one in which we exist. But to continue the interpretation and not move towards immersion in the culture of a subject's origin may well be the journey of the traitor, for the ends will not be met.

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