decisions, decisions, decisions

At thirty-five I wanted to get married. It was troublesome. I had spent fifteen years as a brahmacari, I was living in Vrindavan, and my mind was playing havoc. 
After much stressing over it, I wrote to my diksa-guru: Tamal Krishna Goswami for advise. I agonised over every word of that letter. Thinking that I had it right, that I had expressed myself properly, saving face and sounding sensible, I sent of the letter.
Some weeks later I received his reply: 'you are old enough to make your own decision'.
In retrospect, I think we should also avoid making decisions for dependants, followers, friends, disciples and so forth. Even to avoid 'over advising' is surely a good thing. Bear the responsibility, be woman or man enough to think it through wisely. Draw on what you have heard and lived, and make your own decision and live with its consequence. Just don't be an idiot about it, that's all.

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