Educating Yorkshire: a past revisited.

TV or not TV, that is not the question. What TV and how much of it, and especially over christmas, may be more fitting. My late father would advise to plan TV viewing, pick up a radio times, and plan what you want to watch as opposed to flicking channels.
I am not averse to a little TV, if I had more time I would possibly be a tad more proactive about choice, especially seeking out things that inspire and educate me. Much of my viewing is determined by what my daughter recommends. So as I sat back, the day before yesterday, she put on Educating Yorkshire Christmas special.
It was an emotional roller coaster for me, often my eyes welled up and the lump in my throat literally pained. As it concluded I said to her, 'that was too much'.
As a dyslexic kid in school I was separated from the group by primary six and from then on fought a loosing battle in education. We used to have spelling competitions, when you got the word right you could sit down. I would be the last kid standing. On another occasion my English teacher read out something I had written to the class as an example of bad work. She laughed, so did others, and I became a vandal and trouble maker. I had to succeed in something, and something that rebelled against the system and what it portrayed to be success.
I'm not stupid, well not entirely. Some element of my intelligence is up there with the top seven percent of people in Britain. But I don't learn like many others, and if it is all reduced to math and text, well yes, I won't do well.
Seeing the dedication of the teachers and staff at this school in Yorkshire, their commitment, straightforwardness and high regard for the kids was no less than awe inspiring. And the kids, well what can I say, absolutely brilliant. Each one of them deserves and oscar award for being themselves on screen. Watching each struggle, I saw and felt something of my own. It just took me back there to my unhappy days as a school boy and opened up things within me that I still remain somewhat unaware of. May be things could have been different. Best not dwell on it. This is great TV, the very best of British.
Time for a bit on chanting now. Hare Krishna.

You can watch the show here:

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