Respect the Gods

As a fledgling devotee I was travelling with a group of preachers. For our accommodations we were graciously put up at a Hindu temple in Huddersfield. We slept on the floor and showered in a lone bath tub in the corner of the basement. We had our kirtans in the temple room. There were many gods on the altar and we didn't really know who they were. We had only learned about exclusive devotion to Krishna, we saw the other gods with disdain. Most alarming was the god covered in snakes. Taking some sheets we covered the other gods over and just acted like they weren't there. It wasn't simply an act of naivety, we were pretty puffed up about it, we thought we knew best (as per usual). So I'm really sorry Shiva ji and others, it wasn't good and I hope to be graciously forgiven. For it says in the Padma Purana: 'One should always worship Hari, lord and master of the devatas. However, and on the other hand, one should never ever disrespect Brahma, Shiva and others'.

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