It must be love, love love....

'It must be love, love love
It must be love, love love
nothing more, nothing less 
love is the best'  

On the path of devotion (bhakti-yoga) the one determining factor which gives meaning and potency to our every endeavour (sadhanas), is that our aim is set on love (bhava). Love which is causeless, selfless and insists on pleasing its object, divinity himself--Sri Krishna, must be the aim (bhava-sadhya). 

If this is not so then our pursuit is convoluted. It may look the same and sound the same, but it is not. It is no more than a mere semblance of devotion (bhakti-abhasa). Whether we string garlands, offer lamps, cook offerings, teach and preach or distribute books, our aspiration must be true to this purpose. Only then can it be said that we are engaged in devotional service in practice or sadhana bhakti.

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