Farewell Sriman Arjan Verkaria

It is with great sadness that I have received the news that Sriman Arjan Verkaria has passed from this world. My elder, my friend, my partner in many campaigns for the life and cause of our community. We stood strong together, his vigour and integrity unmatched. When will he call me again announcing an emergency meeting, or to insist that we fly our cow Gangotri (killed by the rspca) to India to escape adharmic culture. 

Together he started the Hindu Forum of Britain with Ramesh Kallidai and soon they recruited me as the spiritual commissioner. With others we have had many good years. A determined bhakta and example to all. His untimely departure has left us in shock and our hearts and prayers travel with him. May Lord Krishna give strength to his dear family to endure this loss and carry on his legacy as a leader of Hindus and a tower of devotion. I will miss you my dear friend your loss is hard to bear. 

I humbly request the devotees of ISKCON to bless and pray for Arjan ji.


Gauri das

"Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita"
In the protection of Dharma is our protection.

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