Guru Means Heavy

Guru means 'heavy', 'big', 'substantial' weighty'. Thus a name for a pregnant woman is guru, she is 'heavily' pregnant......that doesn't mean she's heavy with everyone. 
Being heavy with others may reflect a pseudo guru/disciple relationship. The union of the sadist and who wants to dominate entirely the life of another and the other desirous of mindless submission. The heavy authoritarian master requires a fumbling idiot disciple, someone relieved by not having to think for themselves.....a person they can merge so much into their own existence that they no longer have a separate self. The sadist is then doing their job and using religious language as a means.
To engage as such with the pseudo guru, one has to feel oneself worthless and useless, to make such insignificance of the self.....otherwise how could such a sadist ever be equated to God--love absolute. Only utter worthlessness, mindlessness, thoughtlessness will give way to seeing the sadist as a god on earth. It's taking 'unworthy' to the extreme.
Being 'heavy' with devotion (love), knowledge and compassion, and as such--uncompromised (brahma-nistham) makes a teacher a guru, not arrogance. Reprimand, correction and direction are the anubhavas or symptoms of care, responsibility and respect. They are not methods that serve the need to dominate.
Intuitive devotion (raga bhakti) is the desired outcome of discipleship, and that comes from the separate, creative, confident, thoughtful and loving self. So to have one after all is said and done will come in handy.

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