All you need is Love

Rupa Goswami in describing bhakti as subhada (bestowing auspiciousness) describes the character of the archetypical devotee as 'jagat-prininadi-dvaya-pradatvam'. Which in essence means a devotee has a natural love towards others and as such others feel the same in return. 
Becoming Krishna conscious doesn't therefore mean I love God in isolation, or that I love some and not others. Bhakti is a complete disposition of the heart, it's primary object is Krishna (God) and it expands thereof. Appreciation and concern, gratitude and compassion are all modes of one and the same thing--love. Even anger (raudra) can be a manifestation of it. There is no avoidance of this principle, the pity one feels at one's own neophyte and helpless condition is nothing other than self love. Hate has no place as a punisher or rectifier, it is a useless thing, it is a led weight around our neck. Bhakti is the path of love, it is nothing else and by it nothing else is to be gained.

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