Coincidence or Divine Intervention: I'll never know

Years ago I lived in Varsana for some days and depended entirely on the mercy of Radharani for food and so forth....Living in Watford I've never considered such a practice. However today having no transport I decided to walk out the door with no arrangements for getting to the temple. I was just to busy in service and had forgotten to request help. As I left I whimsically thought: 'I'm in your hands Krishna help me out'. 

Well after ten minutes walking a red car pulled up and the driver called out: 'Are you going to the temple'. 'I am..' I replied in shear disbelief. Sitting in the car the driver explained how he drove by me and first thought that I must be out for a walk. Then seeing my shoulder bag he then concluded: 'no, he is on his way to the temple'. He then drove back on himself and picked me up. 

And so there you have it, divine mercy in Watford, but as I got out of the car at the temple, faithless as I am, I whimsically thought: that was a remarkable coincidence!

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