Caste Discrimination UK

The amendment clause in the Enterprise and Regulatory bill, to include 'caste discrimination' has been accepted by government. A series of consultation will now take place, the first of which is today. 
I have witnessed a tremendous level of concern from Sikhs and Hindus alike that such legislation would reify a caste profiling, a monster almost dead, in Britain amongst generations that are either unaware or indifferent to it.

Not being from south asian descent I have only been able to feel and empathise with the worry, and try to understand the gravity and anguish of a people who have liberated themselves from the shackles of casteism. Will our government further liberate them or in haste reverse the tide. 

Then there are cases, one of a elder man crying on national television because being ridiculed over years by a work colleague allegedly of higher caste. Its very sad. 

At the same time it is a relief to know that reported incidences of 'caste discrimination' in the UK are not from Hindu traditions. I believe they are more related to Sikh and christian traditions, which I don't fully understand. The government now have to walk the tightrope of attempting to give protection to the minority and at the same time not reify the monster that they themselves are seeking to slay. 

The picture attached is of Lord Chaitanya carrying the sacred body of the departed Haridas Thakur, an alleged outcaste.

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