Easter Mass with Mum

When visiting home I generally accompany my mother to mass. This evening it was an Easter service. My mother remarked that Easter and the eggs  were more to do with fertility traditions...a comment that took me by surprise. That is, not because I didn't know that but rather because my 80 year old catholic mother was telling me.

As for the service and the religious explanations of the legend of Jesus rising from the dead, there are many parallels with the Krishna bhakti tradition. During the service I was pondering the following:

1. We all rise from the dead.
2. There is life after death.
3. Spirit moves matter.
4. Our advancement depends on the grace of the godly.
6. Rituals are there to recreate sacred experience.
7. Love songs convey and nurture love.
8. Misdeeds result in suffering.
9. Sacrifice culminates in devotional acts. Unalloyed surrender to God is the ultimate sacrifice. Our body and blood should be engage for this purpose.
10. We should love and wish peace on all others.

Aside from the different grammar, world view, cosmology and length of explanation the core elements are somewhat the same.

Another thought that came to me during the service was that as imperfect as the devoted may be, Krishna does not appreciate  others criticising them. To do so is always considered a grievous offence.  And as long as the imperfect feel so, that they are flawed and as such--humble, I can fully love, appreciate and not criticise them. However when the devoted consider themselves perfect or better than thou, the chosen, the saved despite or in denial of their failings and imperfection, I can't even imagine God not criticising them.

Anyway it's always better to mind our own selves and to remain humble and accepting of our shortcomings.

Happy Easter

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