God, Forgetfulness and Friedrich

'I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness' Sri Krishna' Bhagavad Gita (verse 15.15).  

While it is nice to have an astute memory, to remember information, events and experiences good and bad...to remember what is meaningful. In the same way to forget, to easily forget stuff is perhaps just as important. 

In the above verse Sri Krishna explains that forgetfulness comes from him. I have often only considered that to mean that as we souls desire a separate existence from God, God facilitates that by allowing us to forget. He allows us to forget our identity as his related part. Thus the created world is substantiated. However, the significance of forgetfulness in our positive and effective journey towards divinity goes largely unrecognised. Consider the following thought of Neitzsche: 
'Forgetfulness is not just a vis inertiae, as superficial people believe, but is rather an active ability to suppress, positive in the strongest sense of the word, to which we owe the fact that what we simply live through, experience, take in, no more enters our consciousness during digestion (one could call it spiritual ingestion) than does the thousand-fold process which takes place with our physical consumption of food, our so-called ingestion. To shut the doors and windows of consciousness for a while; not to be bothered by the noise and battle which our underworld of serviceable organs work with and against each other;a little peace, a little tabula rasa of consciousness to make room for something new, above all for the nobler functions and functionaries, for ruling, predicting, predetermining (our organism runs along oligarchic lines, you see) - that, as I said, is the benefit of active forgetfulness, like a doorkeeper or guardian of mental order, rest and etiquette: from which can immediately see how there could be no happiness, cheerfulness, hope, pride, immediacy, without forgetfulness.'

A positive life aesthetic, the good times, sustained happiness, the consistent and benevolent bearing and the traction required to propel ourselves upwards, in love and beyond, means we have to forget. We have to let go on all levels. Thus as much as we must remember we must also learn to forget and move on. And in finality and infinity, we will forget all this, all the stuff of this material world. 

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