Adele, love lorn and lovers of Krishna

I watched a clip of Adele singing 'Someone Like You' at the Royal Albert Hall. It was remarkable to see how well she was able to re-conjure up an emotional state within herself and within the thousands that came to see her. Through lyric and music the whole audience were relishing the 'bitter sweet' aesthetic of a hopeless and dejected lover, the agony of heart that still admits to an undying love. The song was of pain and in its closeness the audience were indulged in a deeply pleasurable experience. The pain was sublime.

The performance is something that conveys a glimmer of the continuum of ecstasy the exists in all transcendental loving moods. The love lorn, the dejected, the bitter sweet, and even 'catastrophe' and yet fully relishable, even though tears of agony are shed it is euphoric state.

And so a lover of Krishna through the outburst of their heart expressed in poetic words, song and performance, will conjure up in us the sentiment of the love lorn, the bitter-sweet the 'viraha bhava' which in itself draws the Lord near. This is the 'bhavausadhi chotram mano'bhiramat' or medicine for the cure of all disease.

Therefore Srila Rupa Goswami instructs pursuants of love (bhakti): 'srimad bhagavatarthasvada rasikaih saha', indulge the senses in tasting the meaning of the Bhagavat (Krsna's name, form, qualities and pastimes) in the company of connoisseurs (rasakaih saha).

So just as Adele inspired a tangible emotional state within the hearts of her audience,  love of God comes to the heart of those who trust by the association of the love inspired. But such association is always written of as being very very rare.

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