Give us everything and Prabhupada will deliver you

 I left a robust breakfast conversation with a radical thought: the continued ideology (of a friend of mine in Bangalore) that Prabhupada is delivering everyone and as such is the only true guru while others are mere officiators, within the complex of an authoritarian institution, is a clear abdication of crucial responsibility.

It is no more than the possession and manipulation of people that accepts their surrender and relinquishes the responsibility of deliverance to Srila Prabhupada. The deliverance of any dependent, call it disciple, child--whatever, is the incumbent responsibility of any guardian (see: gurur na sasyat, SB 5.5.18). Shirting such responsibility is the behavior of not only someone who is unqualified but one who is admittedly failing and unfit for responsibility.

Deliverance is the primary role of any guardian, teacher, parent et al. It is simply preposterous to think that some do officiate, direct and engage surrendered devotees but insist on being unanswerable for their ultimate responsibility and promised outcome—deliverance.  That thing, the very basis and objective of the relationship is just passed on to Prabhupada.

Surely on accepting the responsibility of officiating or initiating, the officiator or initiator must declare that in everyway and capacity, while drawing on every resource as it exists in vaisnavas, sastras and communities, that ‘I will do all that I can to deliver you, and that is a responsibility that remains my priority from the day of our formal commitment’.

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