Rathayatra: Truth in Lila and Metaphor of the Heart

And so why pull this Lord of Dwarka on his mighty chariot to Vrndavan? 

As a truth in lila and serving as a metaphor for our own hearts , intimacy is the aspiration and need of a profound loving disposition. Such intimacy is only possible when Vaikunthanatha is situated in the loving complex and landscape of Vrindavan. The context is everything, disarming the symbols of granduer and disrobing representations of power; where Krishna exists as the mere child, best friend and passionate lover. The love provoked by the complex or landscape of Vrindavan, has an intensity, a power in itself beyond all else to unveil before our eyes the supreme reality in His original beautific form. Therefore 'tisthan braje' always reside in Vrindavan, and even if Krishna appears to leave don't go after Him, remain put and insist on His return.

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