Mother Power

For the council estate kids of Glasgow, love and fear of our mothers was probably the greatest factor of influence in our lives; not the law, the police, or our teachers. They loved us dearly, and believe you me that took many forms. As teenagers,many of the boys were always in trouble, and on one occasion I was arrested along with several of the gang, for, let's just say misbehavior. We all spent the night in the cells, which only lent weight to our local reputations, but when awoken in the morning the police posed an earth shattering question: 'Okay son what's yer mothers phone number?' We were like-- call anyone, do anything, but don't tell my mother. We pleaded, but they called and in that we learned a sorry lesson. I love my mother dearly, but even today, will not cross her path. And so what of all the lads who went out on the London riots, perhaps the mothers rather than leaving it to others to be the example, inspiration and correctional force, have a few things to think about.

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