One Bigot Against Another: where bigotry itself is the problem

Yesterday I attended a church service at Westminster Abbey. Following the service a well dressed middle aged woman came up to me and asked why I was there (perhaps as I was wearing a dhoti). So I replied that I had come along with a friend. She then told me that she had been downtown protesting for the Coptic Christians in Egypt, and that she was pleased that finally the oppression of Christians, which was apparently widespread, was getting some media attention. I expressed that that was very noble of her. But then things changed when she inquired further, 'have you found peace...have you found the truth?'. And almost before I could utter a word she got to her sledge-hammer conclusion 'Jesus is the only way' and so on.... Slightly shaken I responded, 'the very thing that you have come downtown to protest against, you yourself have become an emblem of-- religious bigotry and oppression'. She then wandered off slightly shaken.

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