Love makes fools of busy men.

I was leaving the temple in a rush; there were many conversations to be had and friends insisted I stay for breakfast, a few more moments etc. Excusing myself I insisted that I have no time, I had to go, I had so many things to do. Then, en-rout to the car park, I met Kulangana. She turned to me and her elderly grace was such a friction against my speed that it took over and brought me to a stand still. She began to talk about a friend's mother's ill-health, and how happy she was to see me. Much as I had to go, I couldn't move my limbs, they would not cooperate and my mind was humbled by whom she was addressing: my heart. She then led me like a child back into the temple, then to the temple room and to the pujari room door, where she hand picked mangala arati sweets for my family. She then gave me a plate of prasad for Srutidharma Das Prabhu, and asked me to deliver it. And there was I, with so many things to do, now running errands.

Now, the moral: 'love can move mountains' and make fools of busy men.

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