London Riots

In society everyone requires value, a meaningful identity and a purpose. To live within one's means and with the opportunity to better one's self and community, is a social ideal that keeps peace. For centuries it has been the function of religions, that is, providing ethics of social cohesion with conscience. The ethical voice, needs to re-emerge in some form that is consistent with its own proclaimed ways. Where the media has made fools of us, the politicians have failed us, the Corporates and Banks have swindled us (at our own expense), and the police have upset us; who will now speak the ethic of social compliance? Youth without prospects cannot live within their means, while rap stars flaunt their wealth, sports stars amass millions and bankers cream it off. Their means are not enough and they have little or no prospect. Why should they comply with law, for it is only they who stand to lose from it? To 'beat down the criminals' is no solution, but rather the silencing for some time of the frustration of the disaffected-- the yobbo, the hooligan. Crime is a means to more; where there is no chance to get it otherwise. And as long as big money is lavished in and flaunted as the spoils of success, then the kids will have to have it, by whatever means. There needs to be redress of our celebrity, corporate, consumer society; which is at best soulless and from which no ethical voice can emerge with appeal for our disaffected kids. A new and comprehensive narrative is required, according to which we all must live with substantial meaning, honourable purpose and grounded identity.

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