We are the Miracles

I do not worship the God of miracles

the one who must beckon to call

or the one who must heal me and mine

from ailments, big and small

Nor the one who must buckle

to the demands of my will

who shows great feats of magic

to prove his presence still

For the truth is life, as it is

and grace is how I fall

learning the internal lessons

from trivia and the small

It will all happen as ordained

through nature, without a flaw

which metes out, good times and bad

success, then shock and awe

This life is for me

accept it, as I must

given by God himself

greater plans in which I trust

Hidden from me

the rational, beyond my simple sense

the cause and effect

with indifference, does commence

And I accept it all,

with a prayer and gratitude

because it is final, irrevocable

lessons to be understood

So leave miracle man

for my life is at its best

when resigned to my lot

itself, heaven blessed

You feed on apparent lack

the vulnerable with miracles

from a state ordained by God

to another, without the ills

Be gone with such hype

for I am with my God

for destiny and events

His smile, and correction rod

Surrender to time, fate

the expression of His will

and let this life pass as is

hankerings, made still

The deepest peace

freedom, no itch for something more

inner connection, contentment

tolerance, humility, embrace the chore

For all is God given

all good and bad, as is to come

so I no longer chase the god of miracles

because, that I am, is surely one

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