Bali Maharaj and a Conscience for Corporates.

Perhaps a modern day Vaman-dev lila would be something to take place between corporations, who like the Adityas and Daityas of the past, struggle for world domination. In such a competitive and profit driven lifestyle, religion is reduced to a supernatural means to increase our capital. In a society driven by consumerism, religion becomes a support system to help with loss and to consolidate gains. Much as in the Vedic era, where dharma or religion largely served a hedonistic lifestyle in which cattle, wealth, power, sons, prowess and the proverbial ‘live a hundred autumns’ were the dominant asks.

Just as Bali Maharaj (leader of the Daityas)stormed the heavens and took the seat of King Indra wanting more for himself and his people; a Corporate may make a hostile takeover bid to offer the investors better profits and consumers a better deal. However as many environmentalist and human rights campaigners have pointed out, it is the earth and the poverty stricken who end up further exploited. The price is never really kept down, rather someone else foots the bill in the degradation of the quality of their life. There is clearly a cost, a hidden cost; as they say—it’s costing us the earth. Since the time of Bali Maharaj and Lord Vamana, not much has changed, we continue to live by the law of fishes, where the big fish eat the small ones.

In taking too much of our share, we may find God paying us a visit, just as Vaman-dev visited Bali Maharaj. If we have some piety, the visit is a surety, however we better be prepared for shedding some of our misery, for as the holy books state many times: the Lord takes away the possessions of those he favours.

Bali had become exceeding powerful from heeding the advice of his elders and priest. However, as God and the greater good of all, were not part of the equation, the power and influence were not sustainable. So God (Vamana-dev) came in disguise and took from Bali what was rightfully his—everything. To this day Bali is exalted because of how he responded. From his example there are lessons to be learned and they are as relevant today as they were pre-history.


Be without pride.

Care, don’t exploit.

Everything is God’s, we are not the proprietors.

Attachment to worldly possessions is the root cause of all suffering.

Use wealth for good, while you have it.

Don’t do business with God, be unconditional.

Always be respectful to guests; friends or not.

Be satisfied with what you have, wanting more is the cause of distress.

Give charity without expectation of return.

If your advisor is blatantly wrong, they are no longer your advisor.

Replace the advisor who attempts to replace God.

All that lasts is your reputation, so act bearing it in mind.

Prioritise helping others, even at your own expense.

If you have wealth, don’t be puffed up. Use it well and remember that it is as separate from you as your soul is from the body.

Love God under all circumstances.

Be where God wants you to be, and do what he wants you to do.

Treat the earth as sacred.

Sacrifice yourself.

Be humble.

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