Learning From Our Youth

A young friend of mine: Yaajan Govindia, was told yesterday he had a life threatening illness. Otherwise of perfect health, Yaajan has been known to all of our community as a soft hearted and well-spoken gentleman. His devotional fervor and enthusiasm for service is known to us all.

Hearing of Yaajan's condition I immediately called him at the hospital. He thank me for calling and told me not to worry; he was accepting his situation as the 'mercy of Krishna' and for his personal 'purification'.

As an older practitioner of Krishna consciousness, I was in a state of shock hearing of the most difficult situation of Yaajan, and as a child he exhibited such gravity and wisdom; he thank me kindly for my prayers. He was even humorous on the phone.

Whatever has to be, we are all praying that Yaajan will be well very soon. However even amidst such challenge Yaajan is clearly, spiritually- very well.

Hare Krishna

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