Chapter Four: Jnana Yoga ‘Transcendental Knowledge’

Theme: The Transformative Power of Transcendental Knowledge.

Note: From chapter three the context of Yoga has been contained to the sphere of working within the social state as opposed to relinquishing it. Now work, what has been feared as the source of karma, is transformed to a spiritual status and therefore bears no reaction.

Verse 1- 3

Summary: Spiritual knowledge is eternal; appearing lost, it is re-established by Krishna.

Essence: The antiquity and etiquette of disseminating knowledge.

Verses 4- 15

Summary: Supreme Krishna comes to protect, punish and re-establish dharma. Those who act in knowledge of Him are transformed spiritually.

Essence: Who Krishna is, why He comes, and what comes of knowing Him.

Verses 16- 24

Summary:A person in knowledge, acts steadily with detachment, sense control, equanimity, without avarice and transcends karma.

Essence: Acting in knowledge with detachment is a spiritual state.

Verses 25- 35

Summary: There are varieties of sacrifices stemming from action. They all culminate in knowledge, and the best is performed in knowledge. Get knowledge from one who has it and you will become a seer.

Essence: Get knowledge and become a seer.

Verses 36- 42

Summary: The faithful are transformed by the power and subliminality of knowledge. Act inspired by knowledge.

Essence: Arise empowered by knowledge.

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