The Role of Women

The subjugation of women was not something unique to the East. The definition and subjugation of women by men has been a universal phenomenon. But it is remarkable how quickly we forget how prominent and recent such subjugation was in our own British society. As is seen in the above newspaper clipping, the expectation of women was the service of men, and almost to the point of hilarity.

In Vaisnava circles the woman's voice is still too isolated from the discourses that determines their imagined or expected identities. As such the dominant males simply draw on ancient texts and expect compliance. Whenever challenged, men often throw the book of dharma at their wives,or even female colleagues, and thus project an identity and role upon them, which may well be far from the reality.

Our social futures are largely determined by our present discourses, and the womens presence in them is still largely nonexistent.

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