Prayer for Presence

I aspire to be in the present
But I’m trapped in yesterday
Things would be completed timely
Not behind and faraway

To sleep on time
And not so late
With work complete
With love not hate

Playing catch up with my mala
Drifting off amidst the rounds
My beads hang loose and exhausted
Lips mumble muddled sounds

Each moment
Referring back
Things to be done
On endless track

Deliver me to the moment, Krishna
When I am free to be with you
No yesterday or even tomorrow
Just now, and here, and true

No half done devotions,
But present acts, offered direct to you
Current conversations, creative joy,
Planning future things to do

I now return to yesterday
To complete the incomplete devotions
To pray the unsaid prayers
To do what remains undone
To sleep late
To begin behind
But pleased for this gracious moment
When all was left adrift
To be with you in the present
Thank you profoundly for this gift

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