RSPCA Seek Talks with Hindus

Over the last two months the RSPCA have been actively trying to arrange a dialogue with the UK Hindu community leaders to defuse the tension over their killing of Gangotri, the sacred cow. Just last week when the Hindu monks delivered a letter before action to them they again said that they don't want legal action, but have repeatedly offered to have a dialogue. In the letters they have written to Hindus they have stated that what happened was sad and that talks should be held to avoid the same in the future.

The day before they killed Gangotri the Hindu leaders insisted that the RSPCA must have a dialogue with the community and it should not be initiated by their killing of Gangotri. The community were denied the opportunity to talk or take legal advise. Gangotri was killed and now they want to talk about how to avoid the same in the future.

It all simply beggars belief

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