Letter to the Editor

Are The RSPCA Now Attempting to Deceive the Public?

Dear Editor,

After reading the RSPCA's carefully written letter stating that they did not deceive the temple, it is of concern to me that while constructing their response they neglect to mention certain facts which are not helpful to them. Although the RSPCA are a highly respected organisation who do care for animals, they most certainly do make mistakes just like the rest of us.

I am surprised that they didn't mention that Gangotri was always under the care of two qualified and independent veterinary surgeons who were of the opinion that she should not have been killed. Is it at all a matter of concern that of their three vets, one of them is the person who first raised the complaint and who days later killed Gangotri. That same vet just happens to be from the same town as the RSPCA headquarters in Horsesham. The second vet from DEFRA ensured the temple that no action would be taken and he did not take or enforce any action. The third vet still remains a mystery.

If I do my best to be objective, the fact that the two vets caring for Gangotri had an opinion opposed to the RSPCA that does create a grey area as to the matter of Gangotri's suffering. To then kill Gangotri with such haste when such a grey area existed, without warning or allowing us our right to seek legal advice is unfair. The RSPCA are not even supposed to interfere where animals are under veterinary care.

They have also failed to mention that the so-called dialogue that took place between us on three occasions was on my insistence. The first such occasion was when an officer handed us a death note for Gangotri while reading our farm manager his rights. I then insisted that this officer sit down and speak to me. The second occasion was when I called them on the phone and again insisted that an official speak to me. Finally the third occasion was when after hearing my pleas they decided to visit the temple and hear me out. It troubles me that they now want to take credit for that dialogue. That again is unfair.

And finally it is true that they never had a proper warrant.

As we are now preparing to take legal action against the RSPCA for acting in such haste and thus unlawfully killing Gangotri, I cannot say much more. However to conclude, I do believe that regardless of whatever religion we may belong to, we all deserve the opportunity to appeal against acts that are to be taken against us, especially by groups with no legal powers such as the RSPCA.

Yours sincerely

Gauri das
Temple President
Bhaktivedanta Manor

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