Killing of Gangotri, Sacred Cow

Brief History

In August 2006 Gangotri was injured by a bull trying to mount her. From that time she was under the veterinary care of two fully qualified vets, one focusing on conventional treatment and the other complimentary. In their professional opinion the quality of her life was positive, she was not experiencing unnecessary suffering and thus there was no requirement for her to be euthanized. Gangotri was showing steady signs of improvement. Due to being unable to walk she was being nursed for bedsores.

An RSPCA officer came to our temple accompanied by a policeman. He gave us a notice to say Gangotri should be euthanized. He also read out our rights.

In the afternoon I called the RSPCA and got through to Chief Inspector Tim Wass. I insisted that he should visit our temple and speak to us. He agreed to come the next day.

Two policemen arrived at the temple to participate in the meeting. I had not been spoken to about police presence.

Tim Wass and two RSPCA inspectors arrived. We had a meeting for over an hour. An agreement was reached that nothing radical or immediate would happen. The temple would have time to seek legal advice. This agreement was forged by the police.

With the meeting ending on a happy note we all proceeded for a tour of the temple and farm.
In the afternoon I spoke to Defra vet Julian Hopkins who assured us that DEFRA would not act.

At 8.45am the RSPCA, accompanied by the police went straight to our farm and killed Gangotri without informing anyone. Our vets heard about the event days later.

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